How Did That Happen?

Somehow it has been almost a month since I last published a blog article. Annoyingly, I’ve had to actually work at work instead of writing recently. Isn’t is frustrating when you have to work hard instead of doing what you want to do?

Well that’s also the problem I’ve been struggling with for the last 24 hours. This is an issue that many young women have to face. I mean, I haven’t actually talked to loads of young women to check this but I’m sure I’m not the only one. When you’re a woman and you’re getting married you have to think about things like when shall we have kids? Can we afford them? Can I still make money whilst looking after a baby because childcare is so expensive and my job does not pay enough to be worth going down that road?

So the current story of my life is that I’m wracking my brains for a money-making scheme that could be run from home. Trust me, I’ve done the research, and it doesn’t help. Tip 1, use those skills you have to teach- maybe you’re a professional level ice-skater or speak Greek, pass it on! Do you think that if I had amazing ‘professional level’ skills like that I would be looking for this kind of make money at home job?!?!?! No. I wouldn’t be. Tip 2, make money from completing online surveys. Tried, tested, £0 made, couple of hours wasted, moving on. Tip 3, sell your stuff. Ok, I’m not the kind of hoarder that has loads of stuff to sell. We’ve been saving like crazy so I don’t buy anything I don’t need. However… I have been wondering if that might be an idea.

I have a home office so I could set up an area for taking nice photos of items that I find at charity shops and sell them online for a profit maybe. I’d have to figure out the whole packaging and sending stuff, but I’m not dumb. I could give it a go… Also, some people have an eye for vintage stuff or whatever, I don’t have that. But I can research, and if I mainly bought clothes or small stuff I would have room to store stuff that didn’t sell straight away…

It’s my first idea anyway so I’m not going to put much pressure on it. I’m sure there will be more ideas to come. So that’s the moral of this story. Have faith that you will think of new things to try, and have the guts to see them through. And don’t panic!


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