Perfect Bungalow

For the first time in a long time, I have designed a floor plan that I am extremely happy with. In fact I’d like to move in tomorrow. Here is an overview:

It is a bungalow that is place upon a slope so that the master bedroom, study and guest bedroom are suspended above ground whilst being on a level with the front of the house. I like the idea of bungalows because they are accessible for everyone but prefer a bedroom without people walking past the window personally. It is packed with practical features that would suit my family down to the ground and ideally it would be built on a large plot so that the garden could have an equal amount of cool features.

Woodland eco house on a budget


Although the cantilevered house in this image is too modern in design, it has the same raised section above the lower ground and steps leading down the side to the garden, as in mine. I’m about to launch into a large amount of detail now to help you picture the design I’m imagining- you have been warned!

Spacious Open Plan Kitchen – Tom Howley

This kitchen and the way it leads into the dining area and lounge was my main inspiration for this house design, using the main open plan room as the focus for the house. It is a family space for socialising, cooking and entertaining. I love the colours and high ceiling. As you can see from my design, the hob is in the island in my drawing and it has a skylight over a seating area near the utility room. This kitchen lacks a pantry but has enough cupboard space to make up for it. Spacious Open Plan Kitchen – Tom Howley. Put the hob in the island and the sink by the window, dining area then lounge at the back. Big main area of house

This angle shows the length of the room and the glass doors that would open onto the veranda in my floor plan. I have added a fireplace at the back of the room and a more interesting shape to the lounge area at the back. There is also a door through to the hallway.

not a fan of the style of kitchen here, but I do like the recycling tubs in the drawer, like we have now- very useful!

I have these recycling tubs in my current kitchen and love them. You can tuck the recycling out of sight but it’s also very accessible rather than a box outside the kitchen door.



Another style of stable door. This one won't fit, and can't be altered due to design.


Here is my ideal kitchen/utility door for style and allowing airflow through. I’ve always liked stable doors. There is not as much of a practical element here because we do not have dogs or animals that we would want to keep out whilst being about to allow airflow, but I just love them.


Roof Windows, Loft Ladders and Skylights | FAKRO, our products, Fakro - offer, sun light tunnel

Lots of the rooms to the centre and back of the house have skylights, both to add more natural light and also to provide light with privacy, as in the en-suites, see the image below.A skylight over a shower is great because it's bright but very private. I love the blue tiles, that give it life and the waterfall shower head, with plenty of space to step in and out of the water when shampooing. not so much a fan of the square bath- I can see myself knocking new bruises on those corners on a daily basis

I like the use of light and the curtains for privacy. It's a good amount of space, although I don't like the darker wood of the bed itself

I love the style of this bedroom and the height of the ceiling. I pictured a balcony like this overlooking the garden at the back for sitting in the sunshine in your pjs.



Love this old boot rack by a family entrance


This front door and the stone work is a lovely inspiration photo for the front entrance. I’ve set it back from the main frontage so that it could have an overhanging roof without a porch attachment. In my version there are windows either side of the door as well.

I like the use of an alcove here, so the coats don't stick out into the hallway


I like this hallway for the amount of storage and the seating for putting on shoes. Winter coats could be stored in the cupboards when out of season. I would have a dresser for keys and letters and mirror opposite for checking makeup and hair before leaving the house.

image via elle decor - collected by for "Alfresco-Outdoor Living" -


The veranda leading out from the kitchen has relaxed seating and a stone pizza oven as well as a portable fire pit bbq. This area is for eating outside mainly and is mostly shaded.


cinema style message board for announcing the night's film

The snug next to the courtyard is for movie nights and although it has a large window looking onto the courtyard, it would have a white black out screen to put down for the projector to work. I would have this board outside in the hall to put up the name of tonight’s film.

courtyard look- beautiful stone and folding doors

This is the sort of courtyard I was envisioning, with some seating and plants, open to the air with sliding glass doors. There would be windows all around in my version though to let light into the hallways as well. I would have a stone floor instead of gravel too, for bare feet!

Потайные двери: 10 потрясающих примеров

I like sliding doors were possible to save on space, especially in areas where the door is likely to be left open for longer periods, like by the kitchen. Here is an example.


wisteria walk- great idea to make steps beautiful


This was my inspiration for the steps down to the garden from the kitchen/utility room. It is in keeping with the stone floors that I’d imagined in the hallways, that would have rugs for warmth and colour. This burst of natural colour is delightful!

good use of under stairs space and gets the shoes tucked away. Nice easy way to access your storage too rather than crawling into the cupboard

I would also like to have a more rustic version of these slide out cupboards built into the garden side of these steps for outdoor gear, since there isn’t a garage space. This is specifically for tents, camping gear, buckets etc. There is a workshop for tools and boots can be kept in the utility room/hall storage.


It’s a natural material -- Another major appeal of strawbale is that it’s not manufactured in a factory. Being a natural material, it doesn’t contain toxic products and, even once rendered, is more ‘breathable’ than other building materials.Roof for butterflies! Even wildflower fields are sold like carpets on roofs. If I ever get a dream house, that's my roof :)

I would like the house to have excellent insulation to save on heating costs, and for that insulation to be eco-friendly, such as this hay wall filling, left. There would also be skylights on the roof facing south and turf on the shadier roof slopes.


I love taking inspiration from Pinterest for my house designs and adding in lots of practical and personal details to the house plans that would suit our family. Hopefully they give you a better idea of the style of the house and why is laid out this way. Let me know what you guys think!


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