Overly Organised


As you may know, I’m very into organisation and planning ahead. It’s my bag, or whatever the young people say these days. I enjoy it. However, I think there are times when people take it much further than I would personally go, to the extent that I’m worrying if they have any hobbies outside of buying storage boxes.

To reiterate, I very much enjoy finding more efficient ways of organising my home and work space. If I see a messy closet, my hands twitch to start reorganising it. However, I have just watched a YouTube home tour by a lady who takes this to another level. Almost everything in her home was in a clear plastic box, from snacks to her dedicated suntan lotion box. Tools, obviously, had a toolbox, but so did make-up, jewellery, condiments, etc to the extent that her home had this clinical feel that I personally did not get on with.

Here is where I feel the need to clarify my position, because if she visited my house, she might noticed that I’m relatively tidy, but I doubt she would think I was all that organised by looking in my cupboards. Nothing is labelled, there is no colour-coding system anywhere in the house, and none of my drawers have toolbox-style dividers in them. However, I have systems in place that work for me. No one needs to be able to locate my cat food by the label, because I know where I keep it and I go there daily so it’s not like I’m going to forget. (Also if you can’t find cat food in a cupboard you’re a bit dim. It has a cat on the box.)

There is a difference between being organised and being in love with your label-maker. I consider myself to be very organised because if you ask me where anything is in my house, I can tell you for sure where it will be. I don’t miss appointments, I don’t run out of food and I make time for myself. It does make me wonder what other people would think if they visited my house though. Would they see that I have systems in place? I don’t mean hyper anal systems like alphabetising my DVDs, but I know where everything can be found in the kitchen, bathroom, study and storage in the house. This is simply because it is generally best placed for the amount of use it gets.

Take cat food for instance, since we were on the subject. It used to live in the pantry because the box was large and I didn’t want valuable on-hand cupboard space used up by a big box. However, it moved to live on top of the cupboards because when we unpacked the shopping bags on the kitchen counter, my other half found it simpler to dump it there than walk over to the pantry and find a place for it. Fair enough- practical is always better. More recently though, I have moved it to inside the boiler cupboard. Not an obvious place for cat food, but it’s where we always store their medicine and treats, and it’s much closer to their eating area and the sink where we wash their bowls before each meal. It also means they are tucked out of sight instead of sat on top of the cupboards. Ta da, the perfect system!

This is how the best organisational methods are created, not by getting tips off the internet, but by thinking practically about what your family’s needs are. Feeding the cats is a twice daily chore, so we make it as quick as possible by keeping everything close together. Equally, it depends on how much money you want to spend on your organising systems. That woman must have spent a tonne in Staples! I know that my wrapping paper would last longer and be more accessible if I installed an upright holder to the back of my study door to keep it in. Instead, it is shoved to the back of my top shelf where it ends up looking a bit tatty sometimes. But, you know what, it’s not a priority for me because I rarely wrap presents (gift bags need re-using, think green!) and when I do, the ends are tucked in anyway so who cares if they’re ratty. Money saved.

Being practical and organised does not equate to being anal and passionate about labelled storage boxes. Just sayin’!


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