Trying New Things

It is important to experiment in order to improve oneself and the kitchen is my favourite place to do so. This week I have tried a few new recipes and added to my personal cookbook, which now has 130 pages of writing, some of which have several recipes on them. When I can, I will post about this work in progress and show you pictures, as it’s something I’m quite proud of. One day I might count them and see if I could manage a year of different meals everyday.

This week I have tried to make a Thai curry for the first time, using a variation on this recipe:

I made mine with green Thai curry paste, as we had other spicy meals this week so I shied away from the red one. I would make it with more sauce next time and less rice, but it was quite tasty and I’m looking forward to trying more Thai food for inspiration. We have a Thai restaurant near us so if we are feeling flush we could go and get something different that I can try to copy next time.

I also tried a slow cooker recipe based on this: but I used spicy burgers instead of the sausage, because it was already in the freezer, and the rest of the sweet potato that I didn’t use in the jerk sweet potato and bean ‘curry’* the day before. It was a bit weird pouring a can of coke cola in there but I’m willing to try new things. I guess it was the burgers or something but it came out really spicy, probably as a result of the coke as well. (*I don’t know why this was called a curry because it was more like a stew sort of thing. It’s here:

I love using my slow cooker because I get home from work to the smell of a pre-cooked dinner and get to dish up whenever we are ready to eat. The lack of preparation in the evening makes it feel like getting a takeaway or eating out, a proper treat, even though I did all the prep the night before. I could also chop all the veg into bigger chunks that would normally take too long to cook through in a normal pan, because they are heated for so long that they’re all perfectly soft anyway.

Here ends my report on last week’s menu. I’m always experimenting to an extent in the kitchen because I dislike cooking a meal the same way twice- what a waste of time that would be- but I wanted to chronicle incidents when I’ve translated daydreaming on Pinterest to actually improving my real life. That is the point of this blog after all. Enough pretending in your mind that you are a fantastic chef and hostess-with-the-mostess.

Start doing!





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