Hangover Cures

Last weekend I went out on Friday night, just to a friend’s house, nothing special. I accidentally got rather inebriated and had to wake up early the next day because we had guests over. That evening I went to another friend’s house and deliberated got pished with a group of giggly girlies- fab night- and then again had to get up early the next morning. I was hungovvvveeerrrrr.

This is ridiculously stupid because I know exactly how not to get a hangover, and most of the time I remember how during the night but for whatever reason my brain goes ‘nah, it’ll be fine this time because- oh look your glass is empty, better get a refill!’ Stupid brain.

For those of you who are maybe new to drinking or maybe aren’t, you’re just constantly hungover and think life is just like that, here is what I do when I’m actually sensible.

During the night:

  • Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink I have. As I’ve mentioned before, I am used to drinking a lot of water and my body notices when I don’t.
  • Eat when possible. I actually ate a lot at my friend’s house but the water rule went out the window so it was kind of let down there.
  • Drink a pint of water before bed and put another beside my bed for during the night.
  • Get into my pjs. It’s very tempting when you’re tired and drunk just to kick off your shoes and crawl into bed. Make the effort to get into your pjs- you will sleep better and the morning will be snuggly rather than horrific.
  • Let my hair down. If it’s up or has hair pins in these must be removed before bed for a decent night’s sleep.

In the morning:

  • Sleep until you naturally wake up. Waking up to an alarm after a night of drinking is bad. If you can have a lie in and wake up gradually that is even better. This is why most people drink on a Friday or Saturday.
  • Drink another pint of water then sip some juice. Having something with a flavour helps your mouth not taste like an empty vodka bottle.
  • Take a dump. Needs to be done, everyone does it, and you will feel way better afterwards. If you are at someone else’s house you still need to do this step so make plans to leave early or just be as quiet as you can and open the window when you’re done.
  • Remove any leftover make up with a gentle make up remover and cotton wool. Be gentle to your skin.
  • Have a shower. Even if you don’t want to wash your hair, pin it out the way and just stand with the hot water on your back for a minute or two. Heaven. You will feel fresh and revived when you emerge clean.
  • Apply some face cream, preferably with aloe vera in it. I just say this because my aloe vera one smells amazing and sinks into my sink quickly to re-hydrate it. I always feel dried out after drinking and this brings me back to life.
  • Breakfast. Normally I don’t have breakfast these days- see my post on the 16-8 diet- but food is a must to ward off a hangover. A poached egg with avocado on toast is a winner because it is both healthy, mild and the toast should settle your stomach. Or if you want something with some grease to it, a bacon/sausage sandwich, or a cheesy croissant will make your life. I’m hungry just talking about this.
  • Keep drinking throughout the day, eat fruit, take a vitamin and think healthy thoughts. Just helps to lift your mood a bit.
  • My friend swears by hair of the dog, meaning, have another alcoholic drink. This is half the theory behind posh brunches with mimosas too, although personally the idea of another drink is enough to turn my stomach.

It boils down to the 4 Ss: Sleep, Shower, S**t, and Sustenance. Tick them off as best you can to minimise symptoms like Pounding Head, Lump in Stomach, Blurry Face, and general groaning. If you must get going early or go outside for any reason, sunglasses are your friend. They hide your eyes from the sun and your face from the paparazzi. Use neutral make up to pretend you are fresh faced and dewy eyed.

Good luck brave drunk warriors!


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