Wedding Preparations 2

Just a quick update on our wedding preparations (I keep using the word ‘my’ rather than ‘our’ by mistake. Oops!) We have had our final meeting at the venue to confirm everything, which was a little stressful actually. I was uber prepared but they were asking so many detailed questions that it was almost taking the magic out of the day and I left thinking ‘how am I actually going to enjoy the day when I’m so aware of all the little jobs that need doing throughout it?!’

Thankfully my dad has stepped in and offered to manage the whole thing. He will be there the day before to allocate jobs and make sure everyone in the wedding party knows what is going on. What a hero! It just goes to show that people are there to support me if I actually let my vulnerability show sometimes. It goes against my nature but I’m so much happier having confided my worries to him.

My mum and sister still don’t have their dresses. My friends assure me this should panic the hell out of me, but I’m cool and collected. It’s down to them and if they don’t find dresses they’ll have to make do with something they’ve already got. Not the end of the world.

I’m also over considering my nail colour. Seriously, I deliberate for ages over the most random things sometimes. I’ll test my new shellac colours and just pick my favourite. To be honest, I’m more excited to have a nice bright colour for the honeymoon. I’m so excited to be going to the Caribbean for the first time! The other day I bought one of those pre-mixed cans of rum and coke because I’m generally not a rum drinker and wanted to get into the spirit of the thing (see what I did there), and actually it was very tasty, which I’m taking as a sign of good things to come.

Our to-do list has remained pretty much the same size but has less and less important jobs on it as time goes on. We still need to send off the ceremony information to the registrar but I’ll sort that out soon, and once everyone has their outfits and the drinks are ordered my last big stresses will be over.

It all comes down to breaking those insurmountable problems down into manageable chunks and contacting people who could help and give advice. On the day I plan to be so zen people will start wondering if I’m high!

(p.s. that photo is from the actual venue and those stairs really slant into the middle like the whole thing is going to collapse- fun!)


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