From One Rant To Another


I subscribe to a couple of regular blogs and the one I got in my inbox this morning was a bit of an upbeat rant that I felt required a response.

This person loves to talk about saving money to spend it on what is really important to you- you can buy fancy cars or lattes every day if that is what makes you happy, but if  you want a house more than anything then you need to ditch the unessential stuff. Possibly common sense but not everyone adheres to it. How easy is it to treat yourself to a hot chocolate from Costa if you are feeling down cos you’ve worked really hard but don’t feel like you’re saving much. Duh- you’re making it worse! Go to the supermarket, buy a tub of hot chocolate and make yourself a treat every weekend for the next couple of months for less than that Costa version.

Now, I needed a bit of a rant because this person had made a whole post about the revelation that by not spending $19 on avocado toast every week for brunch they would save more towards their house. HOW IS THIS NOT COMMON SENSE. An avocado is like £1.30 or something in the shops. Two slices of toast are what, 13p or something out of a loaf? You want an egg? Have an egg! MAKE IT AT HOME. You get a treat and you get to save for your house.

I’m not sure you can blog about saving money when you buy $19 avocado on toast. What are you paying for, the trendy atmosphere? Sure, if that’s mega important to you, but it kind of sounds like you only just realised there was a cheaper option.

Ok, rant over.


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