After The Big Day…

As you may already know, I’m very much into Pinterest and saving ideas for later. This was half the reason I created this blog- to get writing more and to start acting on my ambitions rather than just talking about them, using this blog for accountability. It is quite hard to achieve much without money though, and at the moment all of my earnings that are not spent on essentials like the mortgage or food are going towards our wedding savings.

However, as we approach the wedding I am starting to think for the first time about what I will do when, after two years, my whole life will not be driving towards preparing for that one amazing day. I will have spending money! What shall I do with it?

Having read about and spoken to people who have got married, I’m aware that I may feel at a loss after the big day is over so it would be good to think about developing hobbies to fill the void. I’ve always been interested in up-cycling as a way to be more creative and explore my interest in interior design. This is a little tricky as we don’t have a garage so I can’t sand down and paint large items without some inconvenience, but I have put a sewing machine on our wedding registry and was thinking that I could start small, making some cushions out of charity shop clothes etc.

I’ve also thought about joining a club, maybe fencing? It is interesting and different, combining exercise with mental dexterity. I could meet some cool people possibly, and it would give me something to do on a Tuesday night. It’s £7 per session, which lots of people have pointed out is a bargain because they supply all the equipment and teach you, but when I’m denying myself alcohol and new trainers in favour of the wedding it seems a little stupid to start paying £30 a month on a non-essential club.

So there’s a craft, a club, and if there’s any money left over I can start updating my sadly limited wardrobe.

I have the fantastic advantage of a sister the same size as me with good taste in clothes, and we often freshen up our wardrobes by swapping clothes rather than buying more, which is really useful. But I have also started a Pinterest board for clothes that I would like to buy once I have spending money again. (Note, obviously we will be saving up for other things, like a new car and paying off a chunk of the mortgage, but there’s no time deadline on that and it would be a lot less money than a wedding.) The bonus factor here is that because I’m not buying anything straight away I have time to go back and decide if I would really wear that item or if it’s not really me.

All in all, I know I’m meant to be doing rather than just planning, but it’s really nice to have this extra time to think ahead and anticipate having some money to spend on treating myself again. I’ll just have to say true to this and really go for it after the summer! Bring on the new experiences!


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