Ooh La La!

I have realised that I never posted about the afternoon tea that my friend hosted at her house before Easter. It was marvellous, I’ve never seen such a spread and it totally put my efforts to shame. Another friend brought some delicious handmade scones and I settled for providing the booze (an under-represented but essential part of the classic afternoon tea, I insisted.)WP_20170402_16_11_17_Pro (1).jpg

You can see from the photo the effort put into this occasion. There was bunting from the ceiling, daffodils in a vase, and a special afternoon tea playlist. To say we were spoilt is the world’s biggest understatement.Displaying WP_20170402_16_11_23_Pro.jpg

We started earlier than our usual cocktail evenings, to justify the finger food and cake when we fully anticipated pizza in the evening as well, but still ended up stumbling home at 11pm. Oops! It was a great evening though. There’s nothing like having the time with your friends to relax and talk about the important things in life, like the size of Tom Hardy’s………..


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