It’s All In Your Head


As you flick through Pinterest you tend to come across the occasional inspiration quote because people seem to love that sort of thing. Write anything in gold over a stunning photo of an unrelated beach or mountains and people will share it for years. However, I do occasionally see one that makes sense.

You are not fighting your body, you are fighting your mind.

We’re talking weight loss here, not Fight Club-esque fighting yourself. It is true actually. Your body is capable of way more than your mind gives it credit for, but you unconsciously set yourself limitations. You think you need more food than you do. You think you’re out of energy but you’re not. People run marathons for goodness sake- that happens, so you can run around the block without passing out.

Prime example: At midday today I was ravenous. I’m still on the 16-8 diet (will update on that in a bit) and didn’t have breakfast so I was desperate to get to lunch. I was still good though, mainly salad with a little mashed potato and some mackerel, watermelon for dessert. At the end of my meal though, I sat there all grumpy and depressed because I was still hungry. Yes it was mainly salad I’d picked, but I had piled my plate. My friend’s solution- go back and grab a sandwich for the afternoon. Thanks but no.

My mind is my own worst enemy. 1 hour on and my food’s gone down, I’m not stuffed but I’m not hungry and I’m very glad I waited, despite my mind going “Oh but I’m not full yet, eat some more, you’ll feel faint later, it’s the worst gym session today- you’ll need it later.” Bog off brain!

Your mind tries to get you to give up early at the gym as well. “I’m tired!” It says. “You’ve got your heart beating like crazy, it’s not safe. I’m out of breath, I need to stop.” It’s all nonsense. Give yourself a target it can aim for. Stay on that cross-trainer for 10 minutes. It will soon give up its moaning and start focusing on the goal. Or distract it with a TV show that you can only watch whilst cycling or running and suddenly you’re not so tired after all. Stupid brain.

The annoying thing is that at the end of the day when you’re feeling so proud from cutting back on your calories and doing that extra gym session, and you weight yourself to find you’ve lost a pound or two, who is taking all the credit? “Gosh don’t I look skinnier now, I knew it would all be worth it!” You are your own worst enemy brain.


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