Bridesmaids Update!


On Saturday I went to Westfields in Shepherds Bush to meet up with my four of my five bridesmaids and look for their bridesmaids dresses (food poisoning took down the last one sadly- in classic Bridesmaids fashion). I’ve written previously about my personal take on bridesmaids’ outfits and what we were looking for so I thought I’d give you all a quick update.

We started out with House of Fraser and Debenhams, figuring they would have the most selection and we were right, there were a couple to try on within our criteria. Unfortunately a lot of the prettiest dresses were floor-length and we were after something around the knee. There were so many pretty ones that we started wondering how easy it would be to hem a longer dress to the right length instead of settle for something less pretty.

Anyone who has been to Westfields knows it is a very large shopping centre, but most of the other clothing shops had very little that was not too casual for our needs. We were fooled by a few that put three fancier frocks in the window, only to realise that those three were their only formal dresses. It was lovely to walk around catching up but it was a shame there was not more to try on really, as I think each girl only tried on one or two dresses in the whole day.

I had always said that if even one person finds a dress then it’s a successful trip, and at least everyone is more on the same page with regards to what look we’re going for. In the end, my sister has decided to order the first dress she tried on, and my friend has ordered a dress that she had to try on a size too big because that was all they had in the store. So if they both fit we’ve only got 2 more dresses to find by July! It’s probably a more time consuming task to find dresses they all like rather than just pick one dress for them all, but it’s important to me that they feel involved.

By the time we got home the sun was out and I could relax outside with my sister and a cider, glad that we were another step closer to being prepared for the big day.


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