16-8, 5-2


Today my eyes have been opened to the world of fad diets. I knew they existed but I have never been tempted by them before. I always thought, well a) I hate being hungry or denying myself, so I’ll just try to eat healthy and leave it at that, and b) no one sticks to a diet so you’ll just put the weight back on.

But I am tempted to give it a go, and I’ll tell you why- it has been pointed out to me that it is 14 weeks until my wedding. I have also noticed, and I’ve mentioned this before, that my arms are not as toned as I would like considering they are the only part of my body on show when I’m in my dress. I guess, if I’m ever going to really have a go at this- now is the time.

It is partly the pursuit of fat loss but also partly just to see if I can summon the willpower to stick with it. I have a serious lack of determination when it comes to making myself go hungry. I’m improving slightly in terms of working hard at the gym now that I’m hooked on my gym classes, but I adore food and the thought of restricting my diet just seems like a punishment.

But I am curious.

So, I have been told of two diets plans and I’m hoping that a combination of the two may work and actually change the number on those scales that I swear has been painted on because it never changes!! One is called 16-8 and one is 5-2.

16-8 is a plan where you can eat normally, but you must only eat within an 8 hour window, then you don’t eat for 16 hours while your body just burns calories. That’s the theory anyway. I don’t really understand how that works but apparently my friend’s husband has actually lost weight doing it. I guess if that’s not what your body is used to maybe it burns calories at the time it expects food? I doubt it would have much of an effect after a while if that’s the case. So maybe a few weeks on and a few weeks off of that one, to keep my body guessing. As long as it doesn’t think it’s being starved it shouldn’t start storing fat so that should be okay. I’ll just skip breakfast and have lunch and dinner only on some days.

Actually, I’ve done some research on whether skipping breakfast is actually that bad for you, because obviously we’ve all been told that it is a terrible thing to do, but really the only downside seems to be that you will be ravenous by lunch so might eat too much.

The second diet, 5-2, involves eating normally for 5 days a week and then eating only 500 calories on two days of the week. Ideally they should not be back to back I suppose. My only stipulation is that I’ll only do that on days when I’m not going to the gym, so Tuesdays and maybe a Friday/Saturday or Sunday depending on our plans. It’s much harder to be hungry at home though and not do anything about it, and Friday is sometimes pizza night at our friend’s house.

My only concern is that I do sometimes get low blood sugar and feel dizzy or sick so I’d have to be sensible and keep some fruit on hand just in case, but I think they are worth trying. I’ll do my best anyway, wish me luck!


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