Too Tight Jeans


Has anyone else done this? Worn tight jeans deliberately? It’s not pleasant and they don’t look as good as my others but I chose them this morning, and it wasn’t because the laundry needed doing either.

Over the Easter weekend I spent four days at home with my fridge. We have a love-love relationship, my fridge and I. And the cupboard, and the little pantry. There’s too much food in my house! (Or maybe now, there’s much less than there should be…) But after four days of just getting a snack anytime I want, I have to get back into that slimming down mindset. (Remember your wedding, remember your wedding, remember your wedding…)

The solution? My too tight jeans. My mum bought me these jeans bless her, whether as an incentive or because she genuinely thought I was skinnier than I am, I don’t know, but they serve a purpose. I thought they looked ambitious when I pulled them out of the bag and saw the size 10 label, and the non-stretch fabric. The fact I could pull them over my butt was a miracle. The waistband comes up to my middle, rather than riding low on my hips so that I have to breathe out in a huff to do them up. Then as I sit at my desk they gently rub into my tummy to leave a red mark. Perfection.

No, I’m not insane… mostly. I wear them for a purpose. They remind me that I’m not the size I want to be yet. They remind me that I could fit them if I’m good, and how amazing would it feel to put them on one day and they fit, or even better- they’re a little bit loose?! When I feel like snacking, my discomfort reminds me why I shouldn’t. And when I go to lunch instead of piling my plate high in the dining hall, I’ll settle for some soup and salad.

Who needs a personal trainer when you have too tight jeans? Everyone should have a pair!


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