The Icing on My Cake

Recently I had my third last dress fitting. That might not really mean anything to you but if I say that within the last 5 or 6 fittings my dress has gone from a piece of cotton to a bit of a stunner- and a very original gown I think- maybe you’ll understand what I mean. It’s nearing the end. It’s nearly done. One day she’ll say “there you go, now go get married.” Wow.

I’ve been trying to focus on healthy eating and a good work out regime to look my best on the day, and I’m certainly feeling better than I did 6 months ago when I started, but it’s not made a huge impression on my shape. Now, what I realised when I was trying on the dress is this. I’m an iced cake and I’ve been focusing on the filling when I should have been focused on the icing, the bit you can see! The only part of me you can see (apart from my head) is my arms. Why on Earth am I toning my butt when it’s hidden under lots of skirt?! My arms are the only part of me showing!

And so was born my new plan to look amazing in the photos (apart from practising my make-up), to work those triceps. Biceps are relatively small muscles and you don’t have to work it to like good because when it’s weak it’s flat as a pancake and therefore skinny. The tricep however…. That’s really annoying.

The muscle on the back of your upper arm is called your tricep. It’s the largest muscle in your arm and the quickest to fatigue. To put it in colloquial terms, it’s the fat part of your arm that refuses to slim down.

Mine isn’t huge by any means, but I’m aware that I don’t photograph terribly well and what’s a wedding day without a million photos of the bride? So, to boost my self-confidence, I’ve started focusing mainly on this one muscle in the hope that by July it will look at least a tiny bit more toned. It’s good to get in the habit of it anyway to reduce expanding chicken wings as you get older.

Here are some examples of exercises you can do: Image result for tricep exercises

The outfit works here as well; black is slimming, everyone knows it.

Image result for tricep exercises

This is a good one if you have access to a gym. Otherwise, I do it the opposite way and lift heavy shopping bags until my elbows are at 90 degrees like in the photo. Obviously don’t do this for long if you have freezer goods in there.

Image result for tricep exercises

With this one just imagine someone is sneaking up behind you and you need to swing your weight into their groin area. Repeatedly. I actually like this one for doing it on the sly in the office. I sit at my chair and hold a heavy book and just push it up and backwards until I’m tired. And you can text with the other hand, or type if you’re feeling industrious.

Image result for tricep exercises

Don’t worry- he’s CGI, that’s why he doesn’t have skin on his tricep. It certainly helps to be CGI with this one because I find it hard. You can modify it by sitting on the floor with your feet on the ground and just leaning back into your elbows, and then raising your butt slightly off the ground to make it harder.

Image result for tricep exercises

Okay, I know it just looks like he collapsed but by keeping your elbows raised, you’re pushing up with your triceps rather than using your chest muscles, where your elbows would be out to the sides.

Image result for tricep exercises

Again, not collapsed, not crying on the floor, actually just doing a regular push up but with your hands making a triangle/diamond shape between your index fingers and thumbs. By bringing your hands closer together, you use different muscles than in a regular push up.

Image result for tricep exercises

And my favourite for looking like a fool. Learning to ski with weights! The thing with this muscle is it get tired quickly, so don’t think that just one quick session will do anything. After a couple of minutes you’ll feel better and be ready to do some more.



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