Thrift Store Chic

So anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m a bit stingy with my money. I say a bit… I wouldn’t spend more than I could possibly help on anything. If I see something I like I’ll shop around and buy it cheaper, or more likely note it down and not end up buying it at all because I didn’t really need it.

Now, I’m sure that charity shops are not a new concept to you all, and Macklemore has already highlighted for all of us what great bargains can be found by searching through second hand clothes. My extra tip is to go somewhere nicer than where you live to shop for these bargains.

My home town has a few charity shops and occasionally I’ll see something nice in their windows but if I go somewhere more upmarket like Marlow, where the charity shops are outnumbers by designer retailers, I tend to get luckier. Last time I was in Marlow I bought four items for a total of £15 and got a lot of complements on them, probably because they were the sort of clothes that would have been out of my price range if I’d bought them new. They fit well and they were all in perfect condition because people locally had bought them and never worn them or just changed their minds, and where I would be sending them back to the store, they just sat on it and forgot about them and ended up giving them away to the charity shops.

It just goes to show that you needn’t smell like a granny walking out of these places.

On a related note, if you are more crafty than I am you might be interested in this YouTube channel that I’ve been enjoying today. (I’d love to be able to sew like this but I’ve tried it and I know I lack the patience.)

She buys clothes from thrift stores for their pattern or nice fabric even if they’re too big or outdated and makes them into something you’d love to wear. It’s very inspiring stuff… even I’m itching to get crafty with some fabric now!


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