Shellac Mark 2- Treat Yo’Self

I mentioned previously that I’d tried shellac for the first time on my nails and that I’d been looking at getting my own shellac kit to do at home, as £18 a go is pretty pricey for me. Well, I haven’t saved up enough for my own UV light yet, but my friend lent me her kit and I’ve tested it out, (see photo!)

I knew that I could only do one hand at a time and that it would take a while so I just did it leisurely and made a relaxed afternoon of it. I wanted to take my time over each nail because I wanted it to last as long as possible, and because unlike normal nail polish- it will not just rub off your skin once it’s been set until the UV light, so I had to make sure I was colouring within the lines, as it were.

The shellac polish was a little gloopier than normal polish, but I don’t know if that’s the age of my friend’s colours or the normal consistency. She recommended two coats and that’s what I’d had done at Holiday Inn as well, but actually it’s such thick polish that now my nails feel a little raised to me. They look fine but of course you’re always super aware of any little change on your hands.

I’m fairly proud of the results for a first try and I’m itching to try another colour, although I know half the point of using shellac is that it lasts a long time.

At the same time, my liquid foundation ran out, and another friend suggested I go to Boots because they do a colour match test on you for their No.7 products so you don’t have to guess which foundation shade to buy. Sure enough, when I went down I had a little machine held against my cheek (by my chin because it needs to blend into your neck colour) and was proclaimed to be ‘Cool Vanilla’ colour. Having seen the extensive range of almost but not quite exactly the same types of foundation, I explained that I knew nothing about applying make-up to myself and the lady even gave me a little tutorial, applying foundation then blush and giving me advice. She was lovely in fact. And to top it off, when I bought the foundation and concealer I got a free lipstick, mascara, illuminator and blush- and she matched the blush to my foundation colour, all for £17. Can’t say fairer than that!

I wanted to save £20 this month towards a new shellac kit of my own but since I’d borrowed my friend’s one I spent it one new make-up instead. I just thought ‘Hannah, treat Yo’Self!’

Now I just have to practise for my wedding… Dun Dun Dunnnnn!


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