An Apple a Day… Brings All The Docs to My Yard

Here is what I hear when people tell me they are unfit or they feel fat. They are not happy, but they are not willing to change.

They see the solution as having to pay money and spend time out of their busy day to go to the gym, eat only salad and become miserable. They think that is the only solution, so they prefer to burn calories by complaining about their shape. They like their Pizza Fridays; they’re tasty and sociable. They don’t want them to go! They don’t enjoy cooking so they order in, or buy ready made. They think it’s lazy but they prefer spending their time watching TV or going out.

Fair enough. I will not ask you to change your life. I have my own Pizza Fridays. I freaking love pizza! There are other ways.

Change one thing. Just one. Instead of grabbing a bag of crisps for your snack. Grab an apple. Yes, it’s not as tasty, but it will fill that hunger hole in the middle of the afternoon and you’ll remember you quite like apples. Or maybe you’ll think oh that was a bit pants, and when you bring one in tomorrow you’ll decide you would rather skip your snack altogether than have to eat that apple. Either way, you’re not having crisps. 1:0 to your body. 1 month of doing that and you won’t have a craving for your crisps snack; it’s out of your routine, your body simply isn’t expecting salt and carbs at that time of day. It’s expecting fruit, natural sugar and vitamins. Clever you. You’ve tricked your body into improving it’s diet.

The thing is, once this is normal for you, you’ll start thinking about how unhealthy you are, even munching your daily apple. It’s so embedded in your routine that you don’t count that as your ‘healthy thing of the day’ anymore and you start looking for something else. Maybe instead of baked beans with your dinner, you stir fry some frozen veg. (Yes, you can buy frozen stir fry veg from supermarkets- no chopping required! I was thrilled when I discovered this.) It takes no longer to cook than beans and is very tasty. You feel proud of yourself for another month, until you start looking for something else…

You haven’t paid for a gym membership, you haven’t eaten salads for a week then broken down and stuck your face in a chocolate cake, but you are healthier. A little at a time, my friends, and eventually you will have to find something else apart from your weight to complain about!

(Also when you’re skinny you can bag yourself a fit doctor)


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