My Perfect Layout, recently…

Well, I’ve done it again!

I enjoy drawing house plans, trying to jiggle the rooms around to get the perfect layout for my dream home. I drew one recently that is pretty close (see photo). I mainly stick to drawing the ground floor because I’m not good at getting the upstairs right.

It has all the major components; downstairs guest bedroom, study, open plan kitchen/dining area/lounge, island in the kitchen with the hob integrated in, lounge arranged around a fireplace and viewing wall for the projector (in this layout the projector is on the ceiling above the sofa and would project above the fireplace), it has a sun room like my in-law-to-be’s, a utility room and a pantry.

There are a few draw backs. I normally try to make the house a square but was trying something more freestyle here and those odd corners bug me. I’d have to do something with bedding in the garden to smooth them out. Also, the garden, I’ve made the utility room and conservatory open up to the garden in completely different directions so I had to fashion a sort of private courtyard for sitting with tea and drying laundry. That’s fine, but it’s a little weird to have a walled off area by the parking no? Maybe not, no one sits out the front of their house in England anyway, not if there’s a back garden to enjoy. So by making that walled courtyard, you’re kind of increasing the amount of ‘back garden.’ Privacy is king.

The lounge area also irritates me a little, because the only way to make the sofa area sociable, whilst facing the fireplace, TV and projector wall, was to have one big sofa-instead of two facing each other (and nothing else)- and that sofa now has its back to the room.

My idea is that if everyone’s in the sofa area then it’s fine and if we’re eating or cooking then there’s plenty of other places to sit closer to the table or kitchen. But there’s that thing interior designers say about no one liking to sit with their back to a large space or doorway. You’re just not as comfortable that way.

The hall is also annoyingly big. Entrance halls should be large enough to greet guests, hang coats, remove wellies etc, but this is a room as big as the guest room. Is that right? Or sane? I added a little extension out from the main house for the front door with windows in it to create the illusion of a porch without actually having one, which makes the room even bigger…

*rubs out hallway and fixes it*


Okay this is better, now there’s a downstairs toilet apart from the guest bedroom en-suite and the stairs are better positioned to get at the under-stair storage. I’ve also added some more storage for coats etc. Much better.

Constant tweaking of ideas, that’s the key. I’ll get there eventually, and who knows- by then I may even have the money to build it!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. SammyandSufi says:

    Very creative, I only imagine my dream home at this stage in life (30s) 🙂


    1. Hannah says:

      Oh same, I’m still in my 20s, but if I’m ever given the chance to build my dream house I’ll be ready!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SammyandSufi says:

        That is funny, I find myself searching for new sub-divisions just to see their blue prints, maybe one day I will start drawing my own 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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