Wedding Preparations

I am getting married at the end of July this year.

A year and a half of being engaged and that still sounds so awesome to say. I’ve already done a lot over the last year in terms of booking a venue, registering for the marriage license (turns out forgetting your fiance’s middle name is a bit of a boo-boo), and various other bits.

Okay, well that’s belittling my efforts a bit. We’ve sent our save the dates and handmade (by us) invitations, made a wedding website with info about the day and accommodation, picked a florist (twice because after a year the first one decided that the flowers she’d suggested weren’t going to be available…), booked hen/stag nights with our bridesmaids/groomsmen, picked music for the ceremony, booked speakers and lights, made a playlist for the disco, organised the baking of numerous cakes by friends and family, tasted various food and picked our dinner, haggled with the bar over drinks and mainly sourced the cocktails and dinner wine (hurrah for Costco), booked the honeymoon, ordered samples of cheeses online for the cheeseboard, attended dress fittings (my mum’s paying for me to have it made- yes I’m living the dream!) bought my partner’s suit, planned the table settings, gifts etc etc etc. The list is never ending.

The next steps are:

  1. Pick which shoes to wear (I’ve ordered two and miraculously they both fit so I’ll try them with the dress this weekend. They both have a small heel so I’ll have to practise wearing heels comfortably again because I’ve got so used to flats. I may not wear them for the whole day…)
  2. Pick a hairstyle and make up and practise with my bridesmaid helpers
  3. Confirm who is sleeping where in the big house and collect money to pay the venue
  4. Make the gifts for the tables with help from my mum (going with seeds and sweets I think- not together obviously)
  5. Help the bridesmaids find their dresses (who knew so much drama could arise from letting them pick an individual dress they actually like?!)
  6. Buy some wedding rings (I already bought mine a year ago but actually it’s a bit too small and I’ve seen some matching ones we prefer so… does anyone know how to sell an unused wedding band?)
  7. Pick some readings for the ceremony and write some short vows (we’re going to help each other on these)

Then I guess when the RSVPs are all in we’ll have to plan the seating arrangements for dinner and make a table plan board. My other half is very keen on using embarrassing photos of each guest rather than their name so squeezing them all onto the board will be interesting…

So far no one has RSVPed that they can’t come and someone’s actually invited their girlfriend along too, plus my fiance’s keen to add more of his newer friends so it may be a little bit tighter than we anticipated. All of those website saying that at least 10% of your guests won’t come lied! So much for keeping it small and intimate.

This is a good example of researching, picturing what you want, then organising it to actually happen so I think it’s definitely going to have a place here on my blog and I’ll post some updates as it gets nearer to the big day.


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