The Freckled Fox

As you know, I am always encouraging you all to try something new, so what a hypocrite would I be if I did not do so myself.

I’m not a hair person. I have hair, lots of it, but I’ve never been one to practise doing my hair or straighten it before work, or anything like that. Half the time I can’t even be bothered to dry it after washing because it takes so long so I just stick a towel on my head for the evening to stop it dripping and soaking my clothes.

But what I do do is watch lots of YouTube videos with hair styling tutorials and think to myself, “Oh if only I had lovely hair like theirs, sleek, manageable, malleable even. It doesn’t frizz, it stays put when they pin it.. oh wouldn’t that be lovely.” Now you should all be going- “But you’re the one who says we shouldn’t just be picturing ourselves prettier or slimmer or richer, but trying to be proactive about it!”

You are correct sir!

So here is my first attempt at a twist hair style copied from a video by The Freckled Fox-  here’s a link so you can try it too:

It’s worked quite well for a first attempt and didn’t take long at all. I do have some layering in my hair still so I’ve tweaked it a bit, using a smaller twist to gather the hair on the opposite side of my head to the main twist and bring it around the back to join the rest, otherwise the shorter hairs on that side just pull loose and hang around my face.

I might even try some of her more complicated hair styles later. Look at me on a roll! And actually, until I did it myself I really didn’t believe that someone as inexperienced as me in the realm of nice looking hair-dos could pull it off so quickly, so I can do it for work in the mornings quite easily.

If any of them look good I shall report more and add the links for you. It’s a shame there aren’t more videos on this channel, as I find her explanations easy to follow and although she’s stunningly pretty, I just can’t bring myself to hate her for it… If I find any other good tutorials I’ll post links to those too.


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