Off To Find My Fortune

Did you ever watch those films as a child where the hero or heroine decides that now they are of age they must go and seek their fortune? This was either to leave their impoverished lives behind, or in the case of Wesley from The Princess Bride and many others, to then return and seek the hand of their love, content in the knowledge that they can now provide for said love.

The aspects I remember best when looking back on these valuable life lessons we grew up with is a) how totally non-applicable they are to today’s society (by the time he’s returned with some gold she’s probably set up her own business anyway), and b) the manner of departure.

In order to seek your fortune, you had to put bread and cheese into a napkin, tie it to the end of a stick (why?!), balance the stick over your shoulder and march off without any extra clothes or a rucksack or anything. And yet somehow these numpties found fame and fortune, usually through the luck of immediately saving the richest man in town from certain death and being immediately adopted by him or some rubbish.

However, there are still some messages that hold true. First of all, you need to take responsibility for your own fortune. None of these heroes or heroines sat on their backsides at home and waited for their fortunes to come along. Okay, some of the heroines did, but that was another era, women weren’t always allowed to leave in search of their fortunes or they’d risk going the way of Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Secondly, you do not need much to make it. By that I mean, you don’t need to have a million pounds to make another million pounds. People find success with far less. If those heroes could make it with a stale loaf and a lump of cheddar, you can make it with your… everything else you have! (Such brilliant writing will surely end up in the British Library)

And lastly, when you come of age, it’s not a bad idea to consider leaving home. This is a personal suggestion from me to you. I know lots of people who have elected, with assistance for their parents, to stay at home whilst they cultivate a career and save money, and I do see the benefits. But in my humble opinion, this is the time to reach for independence, to go out into the world, make mistakes, fall in love, fall out of love, get some crumby job to build character and pay rent, seek your fortune.

Otherwise, what are you saving up for? For your life to start?

via Daily Prompt: Fortune


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