You know what, it turns out pancakes are not as hard to make as I’ve always been lead to believe. Pop culture informed me that the first pancake goes straight in the bin and the likelihood is that one will stick to the ceiling when you flip them. What rubbish!

It is the work of a minute to make the mixture, then you just heat a non-stick frying pan, pour some in, wait until it’s firm enough to get the spatula underneath, carefully turn it over with that and heat until the other side has a nice brown speckle to it. Job done. No binning, no two-handed flipping in the pan, no scraping mixture off the ceiling. Kapow!

Now, naturally, given my experimental cooking style, I did not stop there. Now that I know the basics, the concoctions can be created, mad scientist style.

My first trial run was cheese and chives mixed into the pancakes, then brown sauce, smoked salmon and mozzarella added, grilled to melt, and folded into a pancake calzone. I don’t start small. It took four pairs of hands and lots of juggling with oven dishes to keep it all warm (moving a stuffed pancake calzone from one over dish to another isĀ not easy) but we managed it and I’m proud to say they were absolutely delicious.

Next up, cooked breakfast pancakes. Pancakes go with breakfast, eggs and bacon go with breakfast, so scrambled eggs and bacon in pancakes… absolutely work! Why didn’t I do this before? If you don’t feel like toast, opt for a pancake! Don’t add sugar and lemon though, not with eggs…

Now to think up pancake experiment No.3… Chinese fried pancake with sweet and sour sauce? Pancake bolognaise? Curry pancake parcels? Somebody stop me!


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