Needle in a haystack

Here’s the problem with house hunting. Sometimes, you know exactly what you want but it just doesn’t exist. Or maybe it does, but there are already people living there happily with no intention of moving so you’ll never know.

How can you find the needle in the haystack if no one put a needle there in the first place? After all, no one has guaranteed that your perfect house is there. This specifically applies to people like my parents who have specified in their minds exactly what their house should have, not people who would like a three bed in a town. Those are the people that would find a pointy piece of hay in the haystack and call it a day.

Here is what they want, to my understanding:

  • Space enough for both grown-up children and any partners of their to stay over.
  • A spacious kitchen, plus utility room
  • Beams and a characterful design, but high ceilings, light and space
  • A garden large enough for a ride on lawnmower, chickens and an allotment
  • Close to a shop, pub, post office etc but rural and dead quiet in the garden
  • A fireplace in the lounge, a Butler sink in the kitchen, and a large hob
  • Running water nearby- but not too close in case of flooding
  • A home study, and ideally a studio for crafts
  • An annexe for family or a holiday let
  • Close enough to visit family easily but not close enough to offer babysitting duties

It’s a hard needle to find.

Obviously, compromises will need to be made, but the part I could never understand when I was working in real estate was how easily some people decided to buy a house, just because it was in the right town for a school and had enough bedrooms. It didn’t even have the garage they wanted and it was over their price range.

Personally, I think it’s better to know exactly what you want and take the time to find it. Even if some people tell you it doesn’t exist. But that’s just me.


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