When I Win The Lottery…

love thinking about what I would do if I won the lottery. I don’t know if I’m sad or just super prepared- after all, it could happen! (If I remember to play.) I look past this by thinking, what it it did happen and I spent it all like some unprepared idiot? Ok, unlikely, but if life suddenly opens the door to all your hopes and dreams and says “go on, it’s on me!” you don’t want to be umm-ing and err-ing about what to do or life may decide to take it back.

So here is my plan, and feel free to use it if you win, I won’t mind.

  • Check that I’ve definitely won. Hearts are broken over less.
  • Don’t tell anyone. I don’t really understand why people would agree to go in the paper or appear on TV because they won the lottery. It’s like a neon sign above your head saying “FREE CASH PINATA!” I’m not even sure I’d tell my family the amount just in case they start buying yachts and charging them to me.
  • Get out my many lists of things I would like to buy for the house, or for my wardrobe, or the wedding, and my list of place I would like to go on holiday with various combination of mine and my partner’s family, and sit down with my other half to make plans.

I wouldn’t quit my job straight away- it’s not stressful and I like my co-workers-  but I would start thinking about what I would really enjoy doing with my time instead of menial office work. Maybe I could renovate old properties, or set up my yurt holidays business idea, or maybe at first I would be too preoccupied designing our own dream home and finding the land to build it on.

It’s nice to dream, and it’s true that we do get a sense of satisfaction simply by thinking about what life would be like with our rose-tinted glasses on, (we never imagine the friendship troubles, the scams or guilt that may come with that amount of dosh.) However, it is also nice to treat yourself here and now, just in case the lottery plan doesn’t work out.

After all, working hard can also lead to riches (it’s been known to happen), and no one deserves a treat more than those that have worked hard to earn them. Living in the here and now is not a hard ship. Years of being independent of my parents’ pocket fund and I’m still a little chuffed every time I pay for my own food shop or calmly renew the car insurance. Yes it’s a large amount of money, but I earned it myself, like a strong, independent woman… who also relies on having a strong, independent partner who happens to earn a little more than me to guarantee that we can afford the mortgage and food each month.

But still, how I could treat him if I did win the lottery…


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