Shellac Me

Over the weekend I tried something new. This is always something to be proud of unless the new thing you try involves murder or selling your organs on the black market.

This weekend I tried shellac nail polish for the first time. I know, I’m so behind.

I’m one of those people that looked around at everyone else’s perfect nails and assumed that it’s something genetic or that they were just born with nails in Dark Lava that never chip. What a fool.

I enjoy painting my nails but I have a collection of various colours of polish that is growing old and clumpy due to lack of use, because within 24 hours it inevitably looks like I clawed my way up Mount Doom. Ragged nails are not currently ‘a la mode’ so I don’t bother.

Shellac, however, shellac is different. My nails were dry straight away so I didn’t have to wave my hands around like a 20s flapper, and 2 days later they are chip free despite gardening, washing up, house cleaning etc etc. I’m sold.

However, £18 a pop is a little pricey for me because I’m the world’s biggest cheap-skate. (You simply can’t save for a wedding and buy whatever you want, unless you’re planning to get married in your pyjamas with flowers stolen from your neighbours’ garden…but we decided against that idea.)

So, practical person that I am, I watched what she did to my nails then rushed home to put her out of business by buying a DIY set. It turns out, those UV light machines are not crazy expensive. You can buy the base coat, top coat and light for £22.00 on Amazon, and then just buy the colours you want wherever you like and have a play every couple of weeks when you want to change the colour. Admittedly the home kits do take longer because you have to sit with a hand under the light for 2 minutes per hand, which means you have to wait to paint the next coat unless you have a third hand or a friend to dote on you. But just stick a film on and have a relaxing pamper session!

“Sorry dear, I can’t help with any of the house chores this morning, I have to sit with my hand under this lamp.”

You would also have to buy some acetone to remove the colour when it starts to peel, (do not pick it off, just soak your fingers in acetone until the paint comes off by itself or you’ll damage your nails), but then lots of people do that part at home anyway.

I also discovered that there’s a set with a base and top coat that works with any polish, meaning you can keep using your favourites and make them shellac! (But it’s rather more expensive.)

Admittedly, funds are a little low this month, because I’ve been buying some things for the wedding, but I’m seriously tempted to buy my own kit soon and give it a go. As long as you can paint your own nails neatly, why would you pay so much more to have someone else do it? (I know, I know, for the luxurious experience- but I can pamper myself at home so I don’t care!)

If you can (and it’s cheaper), just do it yourself! (This motto is not copyrighted and can be applied to most decisions to take on a challenge and feel proud of yourself. Try it.)


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