Organise My Life

Being organised is what I do, second only to day dreaming about what IĀ couldĀ be doing right now if I were a billionaire with a pad in Malta. Now, I have come to realise that perhaps, just perhaps, not everyone is as organised as me and might want a little encouragement.

It’s easy enough to think, “yes! I do want to stop daydreaming and start trying new things today! I can go for that job I want, and learn a foreign language, and try all those new recipes I’ve been saving whilst still being the perfect spouse/house mate etc etc,” but naturally, it’s not always as easy as just saying it, especially if you are disorganised.

If you are organised you can:

  • Save time (you don’t need to search for your keys every day)
  • Get cracking on a new project without having to create space first
  • Save money (budgeting and paying on time every time)
  • Sell your home faster (and move without losing your mind)
  • Be proud when presenting your house to guests
  • Maximise your job hunting or study time (if relevant of course)
  • Plan your wedding without becoming a bridezilla

If you are not organised you can:

  • Waste hours of your life searching for your keys, wallet and head
  • Shout and swear all you like but that won’t turn time back so you can remember to fill up your car before you are late for your meeting
  • Hunt through paperwork for hours without finding what you wanted
  • Be always late, unprepared and under dressed
  • Spend more money than you have and develop debt problems
  • Procrastinate the weekend away and get that Sunday feeling when you realise you did nothing useful

It’s a bit of a no-brainer to me but everyone works in their own way and one thing I’ve had drilled home time and time again is this- you cannot help people who do not want your help. That is how you fall out with people.

So if you are interested, check back here for my organisation tips (or rants depending on how they come out, but I’ll try to keep it helpful!)


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