Spectacular, spectacular!

Spectacular, spectacular

No words in the vernacular

Can describe this great event

You’ll be dumb with wonderment!

I love wedding planning. Before I got engaged myself, I took a wedding planning course, assisted with a few real weddings and absolutely filled my Pinterest with themed wedding boards. Colour themes, historical, film themes, beach weddings, it’s all there.

Having a degree in film production and a dad in the events industry, I guess I’ve always seen weddings as an excuse to produce an amazing event for all your family and friends. Given the money and inclination to do something wonderfully extravagant and different, I would recommend any one of my mood boards to a couple looking to wow.

When it came to my own wedding however, I found myself approaching it from an entirely different perspective. I read a book during my course that explored different traditional practises around the world and it made the very valid point that maybe doing something just for the sake of tradition is stupid.
So what if your grandma expects it to be in a church? Are you religious? Have you ever attended church outside of a Christmas carol service? Do you just like the idea of a pretty building? Then maybe you should look for a pretty building instead and grandma’s expectations will have to change. It is your wedding after all, did you forget?

I know it’s not pleasant to feel like the ones you love are disappointed with your plans. But if they do not love you for you and your choices then 1) they may not deserve that much love and 2) they will get over it.
For example, we have decided, after much debate that there will be no first dance. We don’t dance and we don’t have a special romantic song that we associate with our love. We have been together years- there have been hundreds of songs that we have sung together in the car or listened to on holiday. And yes, we dance together when we first met, but that was at the student’s union and I seriously doubt it is the sort of dancing my parents would like to see.

So we have made the executive decision that, regardless of expectations, the first dance tradition is simply not for us. We will dance but hopefully without the staring and camera flashes. Unless I fall over.

And wait, there’s more! There will be no wedding cake! We love all sorts of puddings so why limit ourselves to one cake? We are having many cakes. We also could not stand the idea of a Sunday lunch style three course meal, so tapas and cheese board it is.

While we were searching for venues we came across some truly beautiful places; converted barns and historical hotels, but they all insisted that we use their caterer and that they day had to go in a certain order, and you only had 24 hours to set up, get married, pack up and get out. No thank-you!

Our venue costs a little more to have a whole stately home and gardens for the weekend, but since we are saving in every other area, does that matter? This experience has reinforced in my mind how important it is to take the time to think carefully about what You want, rather than what is expected of you, and research the best way to get that instead.

Now, for you, dear readers, what you really want might be a Peacock themed wedding- to combine your passion for wildlife and flamboyant colours, or a Titanic themed wedding- to embrace the love of your favourite film with a ceremony out at sea, white gloves and a foot-stomping party afterwards. These mood boards are for you, my friends, all for you!


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