Hannah’s Drunk Kitchen

Is a complete misnomer.

I never really drink enough before dinner to achieve a real ‘drunk kitchen’, especially because I’m clumsy at the best of times and would not trust myself around a gas cooker. I’d probably set myself on fire, then the cats, the house and the garden as I ran around in a panic.

Best not!

Hannah’s Drunk Kitchen is a nod to a YouTube channel I discovered (not in a pioneering way, just in a personal way) a few years ago, which I found absolutely hilarious. That Hannah would try to cook drunk and end up not achieving anything because she had forgotten to turn the cooker on or had only put pasta in the pan, not water.

Despite her never getting anywhere, I always enjoyed the idea that someone could drunkenly cook up a masterpiece, only to completely forget what they have done to achieve it, and that they might have to be drunk to turn into a genius in the kitchen.

My cooking is sober but no less slapdash. I’m not really one for gourmet presentation, let’s say. I change a recipe every time I make it and despite writing down my favourite concoctions, I never Ever follow a recipe to the letter. I don’t even bother writing quantities down any more for most meals because it will come down to how much I think is right at the time. (Baking is the exception to this, because I’m not very good at it yet!)

Now, I’m not the world’s best chef and I do not encourage you to follow my advice to the letter, but I do enjoy my style of experimental cuisine and will happily share it with you, my captive audience. True to my technique, I will not provide quantities, but instead share ideas, the rough order and anything else I pick up along the way. It won’t be for everyone, but I do wonder how many people are actually that anal about their cooking, or moreover how many do not consider themselves cooks at all and live off microwave meals.

This section is aimed much more at the latter category. I’m a lazy person and I always say that lazy people are the best because we invent ways to produce the same result with less effort! Anyone can make good food if they actually want to (and I’m a food-a-holic) and if I can then Anyone can.


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