Life’s Passions

Welcome to my new blog, which I have named after my desire to live life outside of my plans for the future.

Plans have always been the part that comes naturally to me. Plans and advice, whether I am actually knowledgeable or just blabbing, it just comes flying out of my mouth like some form of uncontrollable word-vomit. The actual follow-through though, I’m not so hot on.

There are lots of reasons of course, there always are for people like me.

“I would be living the dream if I had enough money.”

“I would be following my passions if I only had the time.”

I have the time. I have lots of time. I’m a very organised person. So why would I find myself bored in the evening or on a lazy weekend day when I finally have the time to follow my passions? I lack the inclination, and do you know why? Because they are not really my passions.

I think people spend a lot of their time hearing about other people’s interests and how creative they are, how happy, how talented, and they trick themselves into thinking that to be happy and successful you should also like those things.

I’ll give you an example. Crochet.

I have the wool, I have the needle-thingy with the bent end. I have made a crochet square two inches by two inches across that is good for nothing. It did not come easily.

I love the idea of crochet! But realistically, I would probably get more satisfaction from researching a really nice blanket or toy and buying it than making it myself. And it would probably be cheaper than the wool and I’d have more time to do the things that I genuinely do like to do.

I’m on Pinterest a lot of the day. I have no shame admitting it. I love making idea boards, researching different ideas and dreaming of the day when I win the lottery and can build my dream house (already designed on Pinterest), go on my dream holidays (already picked out on Pinterest) and spend my days cooking (recipes on Pinterest) and generally being smug about how wonderful my life is.

Those are my actual interests. Researching those things.

I was reading a blog just now about people who say they are looking for their passion. I am one of those people… well, until I read the article that is. Now I am determined to change my ways.

People who are looking for their passion do not understand that they already have interests- they do not need to scope them out. The reason they feel they have not yet found their special Thing is because their Thing does not obviously make money.

And so they do exactly what I have been doing for years. They flit from job to job, industry to industry, thinking “Ooh I love the sound of that, yes that would be the life, I’d love that job, I’d get really into it.” And two weeks into the job that starts sounding more like, “This job isn’t actually that much different from my old job apart from it’s more annoying, less pay, longer hours and further from home. It should be great working for a —– firm, why am I lumbered with the boring tasks?”

I’ll answer you my dear, because you are unqualified for the fun-sounding jobs. Why? Because you didn’t train in it, because until you saw the job advertised you were not interested in it. Working for a tree surgeon company sounded fantastic- you love nature, you love trees, tree surgeons sound sexy, you’re not afraid of heights, but the reality is that you are answering the phone and never go near a tree, or their surgeons. Tree surgery is not your passion, and unless you a willing to re-train to give yourself another go, it never will be.

I’ve thought about re-training a few times, I even took a home study course in Wedding Planning. It was interesting, I still like wedding planning and I’m sure I took something out of it. Am I a wedding planner? Of course not.

I could be- I’m intelligent and have good social skills- but I don’t want to work ridiculously hard in a seasonal job, constantly having to justify my role, managing bridezillas, wondering where the next pay cheque is coming from. Not my idea of a good time. Because in our minds (people like me) we think that if you are passionate about your job then you are happy all the time and we’re dead wrong.

Work is work. It’s not fun all the time. That’s why it’s called work. You can quote these pearls of wisdom if you like.

If you know what you like to do then instead of figuring out which paying jobs sound interesting, maybe you should be working out how your interests can make you money. Even if your interests are watching trashy TV- anyone heard of Gogglebox?

My interests are currently well depicted in my main Pinterest boards and include themed weddings, cooking, holiday ideas, designing my dream home and yurt holiday business etc. If you have an interest in any of those topics or are simply looking for a verbal kick up the backside and some inspiration to get out there and actively engage in your interests then please join me!

This blog aims to promote the idea of actually doing what you are interested in, rather than just talking about it all day and thinking “what if.” Talking about things we’re interested in is very fun and we shouldn’t stop, but we should also find the time to do rather than just dream, and I hope to follow up on that as an example to you all that money and time do not buy happiness- rather a change of outlook and commitment lead there instead. Not as catchy I’ll admit but, hopefully, the truth.

You should not feel that just because when people ask, “what do you do for fun?” you say, “I play with my cats and watch Star Trek,” you are uninteresting or ‘lacking in passion’. You have your passions already, and I bet you would make a fantastic animal shelter rep or professional film reviewer. Dare to do what you want to do and stop complaining that life is hard or unfair! Take a chance! Be happy!

I’m not saying quit your day job, heaven knows I haven’t left mine just because I put writing and hobbies together and came up with a blog. But taking the time to pursue your interests is more important than you think. Life is too short to keep saying “I wish” all the time. And I’m the first person who needs to learn that.


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