Building the Dream

One of my favourite ideas to daydream about is designing my own home. I love poring over house plans, Rightmove and pictures of kitchens on Pinterest, not to mention watching renovation, interior design and property shows on TV.

Now, this is an area where many people would say, well yes, I would also love an indoor swimming pool and a helipad on the roof but it’s not going to happen and all the go-get attitude in the world will not fill my bank account.

True. But 1) my home aspirations are much more modest and 2) I currently live in a great house. For various reasons, it is not the house of my dreams. The location is all right, apart from some of the neighbours. The space is great, but it’s mainly bedrooms with very little entertaining area downstairs. The garden is coming along nicely, but again is rather small and very overlooked.

But that’s life, I guess, you work with what you get. And you try not to forget how lucky you are to have anything at all!

My aim will be to try to focus my ideas down to practical changes or additions that I can make in my current home, rather than waiting years to save up for the dream, and then finally getting it only to realise that I have none of the furniture or decorations that I dreamt I would have once I got there.

The future starts now!


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